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When marketers look at you, what do they see?


This article ran on the Broadcast Engineering magazine website August 8, 2013 as the editor’s pick of the week:

Jerry Sienfeld marketing video


In a funny 6 minute stand up video given on the opening night of the Jimmy Fallon Show of the Tonight show Sienfeld reviews the ubiquity of cell phones, the importance of email, the death real time conversation, and the decline of the postal service. To view the video, click here or on the image below. 

A marketing manager's incomplete guide to motivating customers with sidewalk signs

describe the image

I love sidewalk signs! They are the purest from of marketing. Write a good one you can literally motivate customers to walk in you door. Where I live in Brooklyn I walk by many every day. Here are some quick marketing reviews of several I've passed recently.

Video: Should I publish a companion digital magazine for my website?


Here is a Webinar I did for the IAB as part of their Long Tail Alliance webinar series. It is still a pertinent question today.

Olympics TV viewing is a “circle model” of consumption

sochiolympics 495x323

In a recent column in the Denver Post,  TV critic Joanne Ostrow reports on a new way to describe an idea that has been kicking around for years. It came to light as she quoted NBC Sports Group Chairman Mark Lazarus, "the Olympics have always been a glimpse into the future” in terms of media behavior and the way companies release material. What they’re finding is a “circle model,” in which digital consumption drives people back to TV which drives them to digital." Lazarus further explained, 

Funny video on the marketing metrics of click-throughs


Do you know marketers who are so obsessed with the number of click throughs their digital campaigns recieve that they look at little else? In 60 seconds this hysterical TV ad about an encyclopedia publisher explains the perils of this approach. Funny! 

Join me for a FREE educational webinar on mobile TV production on Jan 23rd

truck webinar

Struggling to stay efficient in your truck/OB productions?

You’re not alone. We have answers that can help.

Live programming, especially sports, continues to drive technology in the broadcast business. In fact, it’s one of the last remaining bits of “see it now” television that broadcasters crave to satisfy viewers and advertisers alike.

The secret of developing breakthrough products

Walt Mossberg

As Walt Mossberg, one of the great tech journalists of our time, stepped down as personal technology columnist at the Wall Street Journal he reviewed the most important personal technology products over the past 20 years. On his list were groundbreaking products that made history and become household names: Windows 95, Google, iPod, iPhone, Twitter, Facebook etc.

TV production formats: 1080p and 4K to push out 720p, 1080i sticks around

Miranda Technologies Webinar use graphic on blog Page 1

The first half of this webinar was based on a six month study we did sponsored by Miranda Technologies that examined the future of Sports TV production formats. Using the links below you can You can watch the archived webinar or download the research reports the webinar was based on. Registation is free for both:

Broadcast Engineering in 2003: so many ads it broke the desk, now gone

BE breaks the desk

Yesterday it was announced that Broadcast Engineering magazine would cease publication. I spent more than 20 year with the publication and I remember many good times. I took these pictures at the 2003 National Association of Broadcasters show. Broadcast Engineering was so full of ads that when we put the issues in our trade show booth reception desk, the shelves holding them bucked under the weight. Today, trade show reception desks are largely safe from this danger. 

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