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Josh Gordon has written four books on sales and marketing that have been translated around the world. His most recent book, "Presentations That Change Minds," received the Gold Medal Award from the Sales Book Awards competition, for best presentation book of the year. Following are his four books:all 4 books

Presentations That Change Minds:  Strategies to Persuade, Convince and Get Results


The first strategy book written on persuasive presentations. Each chapter covers one of 14 basic persuasive strategies, showing how to research, plan, and implement it to create a compelling presentation. 

Selling 2.0: Motivating Customers in the New Economy 

Berkley Books

This book introduced the idea that salespeople must move from being product advocates to "customer motivators." It identified the top 17 approaches that salespeople can use to motivate a customer to buy and offers  practical advice on how to put them into practice in the field.  

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 Tough Calls: Selling Strategies to Win Over Your Most Difficult Customers

Amacom Books

A step-by-step guide to winning over problem clients. Each chapter discusses a different kind of problem client and offers real-world advice on how to get through to them. Chapters include, "The Clients Who Grinds You  on Price," "The Client Who Will Not See You," and "The Client Who Buys Elsewhere on Relationships" and 16 others. More infomation 

Competitive Selling: A Fundamental Approach 

Folio Books

The first professionally published book on how to sell magazine advertising, with chapters on finding the decision maker, selling contracts, selling the value of magazine advertising, and handling ad agencies.

Gordon’s books have been covered in Fortune, Business Week, USA Today (three times), Fast Company, Success (twice), The Mail On Sunday (UK), Inc. Magazine, Sales & Marketing Management, and SellingPower,  and have been the cover story of nine magazines and newsletters.

Gordon's books have also been translated into German, Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese.