Sales training and speaking to help increase sales

Energize your marketing team to develop fresh programs and content to help salespeople sell more. Enable your sales staff to see these as resources they can use to gain results. How would you answer the following questions?

  • Is your sales staff prepared to sell a buyer they never meet in person? Without face-to-face contact, facts and information mean more, while personality means less.  
  • If your sales staff uses high value content to win meetings with corporate level managers, will they know how to present their information with less about product specifics and more about ROI?  
  • If your sales staff is faced with a fact-based buyer, can they leverage the content your company has?  
  • Does your sales staff know how to use persuasive content on a sales call?

We create custom interactive training sessions in which sales people learn to use content persuasively through hands-on activities and discussion. Because the sessions are activity-based/involve active learning, sales people learn by doing and have fun all at the same time. 
Topics we cover:

  • Why content is more persuasive now than ever before
  • How to present persuasive content
  • How to use social media for prospecting and content gathering
  • How to use content selling to get past electronic "gate-keepers"
  • How to read the online “body language” of clients
  • How to use e-mail as your new selling voice
  • How to create online presentations that get your story heard
  • How to sell the customer you never meet in person

As evidenced by the following testimonials, our clients love us! Here are some of their comments about our training sessions:
Your mix of informative stories, innovative exercises, and dynamic presentations held our attention for the entire day. I received terrific feedback from the staff. Thanks for a great session. I’d highly recommend your training services to anyone looking to grow their business.
On behalf of North American Van Lines I would like to thank you for putting together the engaging seminar “Selling In a Down Economy” for our Annual Sales Meeting. North American salespeople work in the brutally competitive transportation business and operate within very specific parameters. I’m always skeptical about hiring anyone who has not worked in our industry to present sales techniques or to offer advice to our group for these reasons. You put my doubts to rest. You won them over and delivered a real world presentation that got them thinking outside the box.

I was amazed to read in [my sales staff’s] evaluations that they actually attributed sales success on individual accounts to one or more of your sessions. 

Thanks to you, I have a newly invigorated and inspired sales team eager for our big fall selling season. The inspirational ideas and real world examples that were the backbone of your presentation have made the staff look at challenges and opportunities in their territories with “new eyes.” Feedback from the sales staff has been overwhelmingly positive. As one representative said, “you made learning fun.” 

Our team found your training informative, entertaining, and valuable. I highly recommend your services to anyone looking to increase the effectiveness of their sales staff.
Thanks for putting on a fun, irreverent, and extremely effective sales training session for the MacDermid Printing Solutions sales group. We enjoyed the fresh approaches you used to help us experience the lessons of sales persuasion, rather than just hear them in a presentation.
Thanks again for an outstanding job. I would highly recommend your services to any sales group looking for a unique and fun approach to building sales effectiveness.

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I wanted to personally thank you for a job well done. My sales staff at Investment Advisormagazine is a street -smart and experienced group who is often skeptical of the sales trainers and coaching services we provide. You were a hit. My entire team agrees that you ran a great session, addressing all of the appropriate techniques and issues.

I am certain that my team is more effective having been through your program and I would gladly recommend your training services to anyone interested in sharpening their selling skills.