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Great market research succeeds not by measuring attitudes and perceptions of customers, but by revealing the deeper truths about them. Marketing strategy based on a deeper understanding of customers always has the best chance of success. 


Broadcast Technology

Revenue Generating Radio Technologies: A Progress Report

Sponsored by Wheatstone Corporation

With every radio station searching for ways to replace declining ad revenue, it is often not the most advanced or “coolest” technologies that succeed, but the ones that support the winning business models. This study asked the people implementing these technologies — the tech people — how their progress is going. The study was covered in almost every trade publication, website, and blog in the radio industry.  

Read the two page write-up in Radio World

Download the study for free off the Wheatstone website



Marketing Effectiveness of Suppliers in the Broadcast Technology Market

Improving Marketing effectiveness: A Case Study

Created by the Josh Gordon Group

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This study analyzed the marketing effectiveness of the top 34 suppliers in the broadcast technology B2B vertical market. The study attracted national attention as the first study to document the relationship between product ownership and marketing effectiveness, raise the question of how effective generally applied marketing strategies are on non-custoerms, raised questions about the shift away from third party media usage, and called attention to the fast changing nature of the B2B media landsape.

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Recession Sales Strategy

What is Your Recession Sales Strategy? 

 Sponsored by Oracle Corporation for The Customer Collective 

This white paper, uncovered new business opportunities to sell in the recession.

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Soon after its release, it became the #1 downloaded financial management white paper on ZDNet's worldwide network of websites for almost 3 months. Its findings were reported on most major business publication websites, including Forbes, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur, Inc., Fast Company, Sales & Marketing Management, Internet Week, Information Age, Sales Management 2.0, and Smart Biz.

In April 2009, Kraft Foods requested permission to use the findings for the training of their sales directors in 64 countries. In March 2010, this white paper again rose to be the #1 download on ZDNet's worldwide network, this time pulling ahead of almost 200 more recently released white papers, and holding the top position for another 3 months.

Download the study off the Oracle website


National Public Radio Technology

Revenue Generating Public Radio Technologies: A Progress Report

Sponsored by Wheatstone, and created for the Association of Public Radio Engineers (APRE)

At a time when NPR budgets were being strained, this study measured the potential that new technologies such as streaming and NPR logo resized 600HD radio held for NPR stations. This study was created as a service to APRE, the association of NPR engineers, and was first presented at the association's annual conference on April 8, 2011.

 Download the study off the Wheatstone website


Social Media

The Coming Change in Social Media Business Applications

Published by Social Media Today for Neustar, Inc. 

describe the imageThis study was the first to measure a new trend in how companies use social media. Many of the top thought leaders of social media were interviewed for it, including Brain Solis, Shel Holtz, Dan Schnabel, and Ari Herzog.The study has been translated into Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, and replicated locally for comparison in South Africa.

Neustar was impressed enough with our results that they sponsored a major online ad campaign promoting the study, which included advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook, the Lucid and Federated media networks, and ads on the Smart Brief, IT Tool Box, and websites.

Download the study for free off the Social Media Today website


Real Estate

At the Tipping Point: Social Media in the Multi-Family Industry

Sponsored by NCI, the largest real estate publishing company in the US

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This study helped launch Digital Sherpa, an innovative program which provides social media content and services for housing complexes throughout the United States. The study was featured prominently in the program's launch, as well as in the press coverage and sales effort that followed.  Today, the Digital Sherpa line of products provides social media marketing solutions to more than 1500 small and medium-sized businesses.

Read about how the program launched on NCI's blog.

Download the study for free off the NCI website.


Digital Magazines

The Case for Advertising in Interactive Digital Magazines

Sponsored by Nxtbook Media and VIV Magazine

DM 280Released in the publishing industry just as the Apple iPad was launched, this study helped to establish interactive digital magazines as an emerging media.The study gained widespread media coverage, including being cited by eMarketer 10 times. 

Download the study for free off the VIVmag website Here







Magazine Publishing

Niche Magazine Success Strategies for a Multi-Screen World

Sponsored by Sheridan Press

Sheridan press wpStrategies for magazine publishers to achieve financial sucess in a world where their print magazine is only one of many ways to deliver content, and only one of many revenue sources.

Download for free off the Sheridan Press website.